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Sep 21, 2010 5:00pm PDT
. police won't say what kind of weapon he used so as not to compromise the investigation. both were women on their way home sunday evening. one getting out of her car. the first attack happened near the intersection of lake shore and east 18th street. another two hours later on 18th and third avenue. and deborah lives in the area, walking her dog at all hours, including after dark. >> i walk my dog at 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning. i'm afraid to do it after hearing about the crime. and this is my life style. >> others say they try to travel in groups or during daylight hours. >> i probably won't come out after dark. >> tony and her friend usually come together but they're going to make a change. >> i was telling my friend we should turn our music down. a bicyclist came on the side of her. she couldn't see her, or hear her. we have ear phones on. >> and those gals decided to turn down music, police are recommending folks don't let themselves be distracted by devices such as phones and other devices in this area and making themselves more vulnerable to attack. >> eight city officials in south
Sep 3, 2010 5:00pm PDT
. vic lee joins with us the very latest on the crash and the investigation. >> this has become a staging area across the lagoon from where the plane crashed. it's been towed to this dock. it's hard to see the plane. it's half submerged in this patrol car but the crane over there has lifted the plane cloer to shore so they can remove the bodies. listen to the final moments of the flights. >> these with the final moments of the conversation between control tower and the pilot of the ill-fated plane. >> as i first started moving i heard a plane going into full throttle. >> dan harland just got into his truck as the plan began spiralling down. he works for receiving department of oracle arks cross street from the lagoon. >> these plans pass over this building all the time. full throttle sounds different. >> reporter: harland saw the plane crash into the lagoon. he didn't know it but the voice recorder on the mp 3 player was on. listen to the roar of the engine during the plane's fatal decent. >> he just crashed into the water! a plane just crashed in the water, oh by god, oh, my god! >> the
Sep 2, 2010 5:00pm PDT
down one at a time for guns. some students used cell phones to call parents or text them. and to ask what is going on outside. the police did a search for suspects and guns. and however, officers did check trash cans in a bus shelter just in case a gun had been dumped there. no gun was found. the students were locked down just over three hours. they were released and anxious to tell their story and to tell their stories. >> we knew it's going to be a lock down. >> so where you worried?. >> yes. very nervous. and concerned. i i think they got it under control. >> your daughter has been texting you. what has she been say something. >> she's okay. everything is under control. >> students and parents said the high school has a strict conduct code and no guns were allowed on campus one parent was concerned about her daughter, who is eight months pregnant. we're reporting here everybody came out safely. again no gun was found. at bridge point high school abc 7 news. >> also scaring parents and kids. and in the east bay police sorting through details of a killing spree. four people murdered
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3